Hohenstein Institute Bangladesh Inspection Service


The inspection service offers you the possibility to monitor and control your production in all stages worldwide through an independent testing laboratory with qualified domestic inspectors.
The main goal of the inspection service is a continuous good supplier-customer-relationship.


This service is particularly suited for:
•Companies that make worldwide purchases
•Companies that want to assure a consistently high quality standard by working with accredited laboratories
•Monitoring of quality standards depending on the order
•Assure of product attributes according to the contract
•Checking of European laws and standards

Inspection Work Flow


The Hohenstein Inspection service can take place in the following phases:


Preproduction Check (Initial Production Check)
Sample picking before production start to check the materials and components for legal requirements as well as further harmful substances and textile technological quality parameters.


Production monitoring (during production check)
Sample picking to test according to chemical and textile technological parameters at Hohenstein Institute, checking for sample conformity and compliance with production specifications, visual assessment of the workmanship on-site.


Outgoing goods check (Final random check)
Checking for sample conformity and compliance with production specifications like visual appearance, colour, used components and their function, measurements, labeling etc. Checking of the production volume, product packaging and labeling.
Our inspection team would be happy to develop a test concept to your individual needs.


Your benefits as order provider
Early detection of faults in the production process to avoid follow-up costs
•Assurance of the quality before payments become due
•Timely realization of the ability to deliver and possible delivery shortages
•Highest assurance of the marketability of products